Photo Ready Services

Professional Real Estate Photos require some prep

When looking at pictures of your home, guests would like to imagine their stay there. It is important to make sure your home is prepared to be showcased at it's best! Our professionals will complete the following to ensure your home is ready to be photographed-

  • thoroughly clean whole house (vacuum carpet, mop hard floors, clean counter tops, clean windows)
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs (get rid of low energy bulbs they cast an unflattering tint in photos)
  • Put away all small kitchen appliances unless high end (i.e. Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart etc.) and you want to showcase
  • Straighten wall hangings. A guest may see a crooked wall hanging as a sign of a haphazard attitude to maintenance and presentation.
  • Open blinds/window treatments to let in outside light.
  • Remove personal items such a family photos & knickknacks
  • Bathrooms: close toilet bowl lid, hide toilet bowl brushes, hair brushes & dryer and all toiletries
  • Smooth out comforters and bedspreads. A pull here and a tug there will easily straighten out our bedspreads
  • Outdoor furniture is in place and cushion made easily available to the photographer
  • Tame unruly cords hanging from electronics, lamps, or window shades
  • Clutter. Remove any unnecessary items on the counters and bookshelves. Clean lines and surfaces are what appeal to most people. Hide brooms, mops, vacuums and garbage cans.
  • Be sure the exterior of your home presents well and showcases your outdoor space.

In addition- in order for guests to picture their stay in your home. You may want to do the following:

  • Set your dining room table. Pretend you are about to throw a dinner party and use colorful settings and a centerpiece or create a scene with a bottle of wine, or a tray of cocktails. 
  •  Place a game or some hard cover books on the coffee table; not only are you adding color and dimension to the photo,  but you are giving renters some insight into everything they can do while staying at your home.