Off to a good start!


Opening Clean


Sweep off decks. 

Wipe down porch furniture. 

Bring out Deck furniture & wipe down. 

Vacuum porch furniture if   cushioned.

 Clean outdoor shower.

 Clean gas grill.

 Sweep garage. 

All interior rooms

Clean, organize closets & shelves. Vacuum or dry mop closets floors. 

Clear rooms of any trash, magazines or newspapers left behind. 

Dust/wipe down vertical blinds.     Check window treatments for   stains and/or damage. 

Wash inside of all windows (within reach) with glass cleaner and wipe out sills. 

Dust all ceiling and walls with vacuum or dry mop. 

Wipe down wall pictures . 

Wipe down all light fixtures and check for bulbs needing replacement.     

Wipe down all ceiling fans. 

Dust TV screens and lamp shades with dry cloth.

 Dust all items on tables (books, knick knack, lamps etc.) with damp cloth and return to designated spot.

 Dust furniture tops, bases, legs with furniture polish. 

Clean mirror, and glass framed pictures.

 Clean all lighting fixtures 

Clean glass sliders and tracks. 

Wipe down all baseboards. 

Clean and wash return air vents and registers.

Bedrooms : 

Remake all beds, tuck-in and arrange for a nice crisp look.      

Living Room:

 Vacuum all furniture, remove cushions to get underneath.  

Kitchen: Wipe down kitchen cabinets (inside and out) and handles. Ensure grease, finger marks and food residue is all removed. 

Check interior of cabinets and drawers for any dishes, glasses, utensils or cutlery that needs to be washed. 

Clean out refrigerator. 

Clean top of frig, and microwave.

 Wipe and clean range hoods.     

Wipe exterior of all appliance and shine stainless steel.

Clean oven. 

Thoroughly clean all appliances, inside and out. 

Remove any food residue or crumbs.

 Wipe out drawers and shelving in kitchen.

 Clean and wipe sink area.   

Sanitize kitchen counters and counter items. 

Run dishwasher, replace in cabinet and organize.   

Clean kitchen trash cans.


Clean shower, tub, toilet, and sink. 

Sweep & mop floor.

Clean out bathroom trash cans.

Clean out/organize bathroom vanity & under the sink      

*Check all light bulbs & replace if needed*

*Check batteries for remotes & replace if needed. *

*Check & change air filters (filters provided from owner)*