Vacation Rental Cleaning


Why hire Beacon?

  Cleanliness of a home can make or break a vacation stay. In fact a new survey commissioned by CLR® (, cleanliness is one of the most important factors to vacation lodgers, with 86 percent reporting cleanliness as one of the top criteria they look for when reading online hotel or vacation rental reviews. This survey also showed that vacationers would rather give up Internet access for the duration of their vacation than stay in a dirty rental. Our housekeeping staff is trained to inspect your property inside & out during a departure clean. They are instructed to take pictures and notify our office immediately should any problems arise.  

Exit cleaning

Let us help you  exit cleaning

Opening Clean

Because of the short window we have to clean your home between a guest checking in and checking out we require all our homes to have an "opening clean".The opening clean let's us address issues that because of time restraints we can not in weekly changeovers.  It starts your home with a clean slate that we can keep that way with weekly maintenance.